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GoPickApp is a mobile application for you

GoPickApp is a mobile application that facilitates ordering food, this app is specifically intended for people who want to have their food delivered quickly and efficiently. Whether you're in a rush and need to eat something quickly on the go, or you simply want to avoid the hassle of delivery, GoPickApp has you covered.

Non-contact food delivery, ensuring complete safety

Non-contact food delivery, ensuring complete safety


Eating out and home delivery of meals has become a popular phenomenon in recent years. With the COVID-19 pandemic, safety and hygiene concerns continue to grow. In response to these concerns, restaurants around the world have introduced contactless food delivery to ensure complete safety for customers. In this article, we take a look at this phenomenon and why you should take advantage of such an option.

How does contactless food delivery work?

Steps of contactless delivery:

Ordering: The customer places an order via phone, app or restaurant website.Cooking: Once the order is received, cooks prepare the food according to hygiene and safety guidelines.Packing: The food is carefully packed in airtight containers to prevent possible contamination.Delivery: A courier, equipped with a mask, gloves and disinfectant, delivers the order to the customer's door.Noting delivery: The courier leaves the order in front of the door and takes a photo as confirmation of delivery.Picking up the meal: The customer opens the door once the courier has left to avoid direct contact. The meal is ready for consumption.

Benefits of non-contact delivery:

Contactless food delivery offers many benefits for both customers and restaurants. Here are some of them:

Safety: the main benefit is the guarantee of complete safety. Contactless delivery eliminates the risk of infection for both customers and couriers.Hygiene: Restaurants follow strict hygiene procedures when preparing and packaging meals, ensuring high quality.Convenient option: Contactless delivery is a convenient option for people who do not want to leave their home, saving time and effort for cooking.Large selection: Only online can we have access to a wide selection of restaurants and culinary diversity that offer contactless delivery.Support for local restaurants: By ordering take-out meals from local restaurants, we help support their businesses in times of crisis.

How to take advantage of contactless food delivery?

Restaurant selection:

Before you decide to order, check the available food delivery options in your area. Search on online platforms such as mobile apps or websites that offer contactless delivery. Make sure you choose restaurants that are certified and known for their quality and safety procedures.

Menu overview:

Review the restaurant's menu and carefully check the available options and prices. Make sure you choose the meals that suit you best and meet your taste expectations. It's worth taking this opportunity to try something new!

Placing an order:

After selecting your favorite dishes, proceed to the ordering process. Enter your contact information and delivery address, making sure they are correct. If you have any special dietary requirements or allergies, let the restaurant know.


When placing your order, choose the form of payment that suits you best. Most restaurants offer online payment, which is secure and convenient.

Waiting for delivery:

After you place your order, you can track the status of your delivery on your smartphone or computer. Usually restaurants will tell you the expected delivery time, so you can prepare to receive it.

Order pickup:

When the courier delivers your order, open the door after he leaves. Make sure the order is complete and in line with what you expected. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your order, contact the restaurant directly, which will surely find a solution.


Contactless food delivery is an ideal solution for people who care about their safety and hygiene. Thanks to modern technology and rigorous procedures, we can enjoy a variety of food without having to leave home. Not only do we provide convenience and pleasure, but also support local restaurants in difficult times. By exercising caution and using contactless delivery, we can continue to enjoy our favorite meals in complete safety.